Temazcal (sweatlodge)

This is an exciting Mayan experience you cannot miss! If you want to learn about the Mayan Culture and their rituals, take a Temazcal ceremony and knock it off your bucket list!

The Temazcal was traditionally used by the Mayans to purify the body, mind and spirit. In this ceremony, they reached a deeper connection with Mother Earth. They would enter the Temazcal for days at a time in search for the answers within themselves. The Mayans viewed the Temazcal as the “womb” of Mother Earth.

You will be offered the Temazcal as a ritual to become reborn, to detox, or to let go of stress.The Shaman who leads the ceremony will start with burning Copal, a sacred Mayan tree resin to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. Then he will put herbal tea over heated volcanic rocks, which produces the steam in the sweat lodge. During the ceremony he will perform guided meditations. Directly after the Temazcal ceremony, you can cool off and hydrate your body in a cenote. This fresh water hole at the Dos Ojos underground water system is famous in the area.

After a dip in the cenote, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a delicious home cooked meal by a Mayan family; all made from local organic ingredients. “Cash pilbil”, or lunch, will be served to replenish your appetite as part of the Mayan Ceremony.

This tour ends as the sun sets in the jungle!

4pm pick up starts

mayan ceremony

mayan ceremony